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Sunday School

The Bible is first of all God's message to us. The mere fact that it is God's Word makes it worthy of continual study. Second, the Bible addresses a variety of topics that are important for us today.

There is so much in Scripture worthy of study that many people have devoted their life to its study. In the 1,900 plus years since the Bible was completed, people have wrote books about what is found in the Bible. No one can know all that God's Word has to offer, but one can get a lot out of God's Word by a continual study. The lives of people in the pages of the Bible provide good and bad examples of behavior and belief.

A careful and continuing study of the Bible will produce many great rewards. We will find truths and promises that will encourage us and give us strength, we will find instructions

to correct wrong thinking and conduct. We will find comfort and joy in knowing true fellowship with God. If we are in need of restoring our relationship with the Lord, all we have to do is walk thought the pages of the Bible and the Holy Spirit will show us the way and we find that the God of the Bible is willing and ready to restore us to his loving arms. Why should we Study the Bible? To ready us to commit to obey and give God the Praise and Worship that He deserves.

Adult Sunday School Class
Adult Sunday School Class